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Dardo the Frog Helmet Eyes/Ears/Cover Accessory in Green


    🐸 FITS ANY HELMET: ParaWild’s soft and fluffy plush frog eyes attach to any type of ski, motorcycle, snowboard, bike, cycling, scooter, and skating helmet. These helmet accessories are great for both kids and adults!

    🐸 STAND OUT IN A CROWD: Make your helmet pop with a little hop! Furry frog eyes with their vibrant colors, playful textures, and unique style are sure to capture attention anywhere you go. You surely won’t lose sight of your loved ones on the slopes, roads, and mountains!

    🐸 EASY TO ATTACH & REMOVE: Attached with a strong industrial velcro! One side is sticky adhesive and attaches to your helmet and the other side is already sewn onto the frog eyes. It removes without a trace without damaging your helmet.

    🎁 GREAT FOR PRESENTS: Inspired by the endangered poison dart frog, our bright and educational packaging depicting Dardo the Frog, is great for Birthday, Xmas, and special occasion gifts!

    👧 SUPPORT WOMEN STARTUP! Designed by two adventurous artists in Vancouver, Canada. Because of our mutual love of giving something back to the environment, we created a product line we love, inspired by the endangered animals that we support. Feel good about your purchase - 5% of profits go towards endangered species!

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Design Inspired by the Poison Dart Frog