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Fun Car Ride Games for Little Travelers

August 15, 2018


Sure, it’s pretty easy for us adults to kill time when we go on looooong road trips. We have our gadgets, we can have a good time talking with our companions. But for a tiny traveler, long hours sitting in the car or plane can mean boredom, which later transforms to throwing in tantrums. Not quite the experience we want during the journey, right?

Bringing along some fun, or games to play in the car is just as important as packing our travel essentials. Whether you are off for a vacation or to visit relatives, kids’ activities while traveling are a must for them not to constantly ask, ‘Are we there yet?’ Here are some cool car games that you can use the next time you are with a little voyager, that not only kills boredom but also stimulates the mind.

Name the Animal


This will unleash your silly side, and all you have to do is meow, moo, oink or baaa. Let your tiny travel companion guess as much as he or she can! If you spot any animal outside the window, you can also make your kid guess what its name is.

Bring (or Point) the…


This creative activity for toddlers is simple yet awesome. Say names of items, and it’s up to you whether you’ll have your travel companion find the item to bring it to you or point at it if you are with a toddler. If you have more company inside the car, you can make it even more fun by giving prizes to those who find the item first.

Memory Gamefun-car-memory-game-family-travel-kids-parawild


This is one of the classic games to play in the car that test both your kiddo and young-at-heart’s memory. You can start with a statement like ‘I went to the supermarket and bought…’ and an item that starts with the letter ‘A’. The next person will say the first item and will follow with an item that starts with ‘B’, and so on. The last man standing wins!

Guess Who/What?


Another fun car game to play when you want to entertain and keep your little travel buddy from being bored, all you have to do is make him/her guess who or what you are describing. It can go like ‘I have four paws, I meow and love lasagna!’.

20 Questions


In this cool car game, you’ll have your travel buddy ask you up to 20 questions, answerable by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to be able to guess a thing, place or person. This activity can teach kids to be strategic and creative with asking close-ended questions to draw a conclusion at a young age.

Road Sign Game


If you are with a kid, you can have him or her read road signs or slogans and tell or guess what they are for. You can give a reward for each correct answer.

Map Game


One person (not the one driving!) will select a place in a map, announce it and let the children find it. The first one to find it wins the game and gets a prize.

A Travel Journal


A creative activity that your child can do is to make a travel journal. You can lend your kid a camera phone and take photos of scenic views and activities during the trip. Once you get home, you can have the photos printed and make a scrapbook or journal.

These are just some of the few games to play in the car en route to your destination to make the idle time on the road more fun, interactive and somewhat informative for your little travellers to look forward to the next journey

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