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ParaWild Frog Eyes on Rollerblades

October 31, 2017

ParaWild Frog Eyes on Rollerblades

Shayla, 33 
Place: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Profession: accountant
Favourite Outdoor Activity: Surfing
Favourite ParaWild Ear: Dardo the Frog
Favourite Animal: Dolphin
As busy ParaWild co-founders, we (co-founders Adele and Natalia), are always out looking for beautiful spots for photoshoots with our line of helmet accessories  (and no shortage of amazing locations in beautiful British Columbia...;) !!!).  We were out shooting along the lovely Kitsilano beach in Vancouver  a when a friend of a friend, Shayla, just happened to skate by on her rollerblades!  Shayla was all smiles and agreed to do a little modelling for us (lucky us!).  She picked up the Dardo the Frog Eyes in blue out of our latest Endangered Animals 2017 Collection  and she definitely took them to a new level.  Every photo we took of Shayla was stunning as the sun was setting over the beach!  We shot with the Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm Canon lens wide open. Later on, we learned that Shayla is an accountant and we ended up booking a consultation with her to get some help for our business.  Isn't it lovely how photography and the love of animals can bring people together and allow us to make new friends?

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